Benefits of fasting supported by the FFDetox program

The typical Western diet and stressful lifestyle inhibits our body’s innate healing processes from functioning efficiently. The Fermented Food Detox program follows three basic principles to create an environment which nurtures these healing processes. These processes help to detoxify the body and in turn either prevent illness or help the body cope if disease is already active. The three principles the program follows are: reducing caloric intake, resting the gut and providing the body with easily absorbable nutrients.

Dramatically reducing caloric intake while eating and drinking only food that is easily absorbed has the benefit of starving any pathogenic organisms such as bacteria and yeasts that live off our undigested food. These organisms produce toxic metabolic waste products that add to the acidic toxic inflammatory load on our body. The fermented food powder and drink will flood the gut with healthy bacteria replacing the reduced numbers of pathogenic organisms in our intestine therefore providing long lasting results for improved health.

When calorie intake is restricted to less than 25% of the average daily requirements (approximately less than 500 calories a day for women and less that 600 calories a day for men) the human body activates a survival response which has the effect of detoxifying the body.

We all have repair genes in our DNA that turn on when we fast. During fasting the body turns on a process called autophagy (“self eat”) where the body breaks down old less efficiently functioning cells first to be able to use those nutrients for energy and will conserve the better healthier cells, essentially cleaning up (detoxifying) the body.

When fasting for a period of as little as four hours the body starts to lower insulin levels and improves insulin resistance switching the body from fat storing to fat burning. Due to the effect fasting has on insulin, it is a highly efficient way of helping to reduce the risk of developing diabetes.

Most detox programs do not provide enough protein, vitamins or minerals throughout the detoxification process and leave the body depleted and feeling exhausted. The highly absorbable protein and nutrients provided by Wise Nutrients organic fermented super foods powder ensures the body’s muscle tissues get ample protein and are therefore preserved. This same protein helps maintain mental and physical energy.

When depleted of nutrients the body has to use up precious reserves of its protein (stored in muscle), vitamins and minerals to function and heal. As a result, at the end of most other types of detoxification programs your metabolism (or ability to burn fat) is worse. Consequently you may put weight on more easily as you have lost muscle tissue which is the biggest fat burning tissue in the body. Many other detoxification programs will leave you feeling very weak and when the program is completed your energy levels can be slow to recover.

If a fast requires a total abstinence from food the body’s digestive processes slow down because they are not being used. Consequently it is important to carefully reintroduce foods in a certain order over a few days after the fast is complete. This process can be complicated for many people to manage on their own. Because the FF Detox program provides the body with live enzymes and small amounts of food, two times a day, you can go back to eating normally at the end of the program without difficulty.

The advantage of using a naturally occurring fermented food is that it will suit all body types. There are many supplements on the market claiming to detoxify the body but many of these are very specific to the needs of different individuals. It can be difficult for people to choose the right one. Using the power of fermented foods and resting the gut is a simple concept that agrees with all body types.

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