FFDetox Complete Kit

The Worlds first 10 Day fermented foods detox program!

Dr Elen’s Fermented Foods Detox (FFDetox) combines the very best certified organic natural products with the culmination of years of medical, clinical experience. FFDetox is not a fad diet, it has been specifically designed based on researched scientific principles to rest, reset and energise the body. Using traditionally prepared, bio-fermented organic whole foods to detox and increase your body’s ability to utilise the nutrients in your food.

The FFDetox Complete Kit contains everything you need to activate the strictest version of the FFDetox program. Including the FFDetox book written by Dr Elen which talks about how the program can shift symptoms of inflammatory conditions and diseased states, stepping you through the program by suggesting modifications to suit individual needs;

  1. WN_FFDetox_kit_finalFor Quickest Results 10 Day Quickest Detox Program
  2. For Extra Energy
  3. Slower (More Gentle) 10 day Detox Program
  4. Intermittent Detox Days Option (1-2 days a week only)

The book is complete with recipes for additional meals, and even herbal teas, that complement the detoxification process.


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