FAQ About the FFDetox Program

Below are some frequently asked question we get at FFDetox. If you have any queries that are not addressed here please feel free to contact us via facebook or email.

I have heard that detoxing can cause your metabolic rate to crash, resulting in weight gain when normal eating patterns recommence.

The FFDetox program continues to provide daily essential nutrients including protein, vitamins and minerals so your metabolic rate and energy production is supported throughout the process and most people find their metabolic rate is in fact better after they have completed the program.

Does FFDetox provide you with essential daily nutrients? I read that programs that do not provide vital nutrients can be dangerous for your health.

It is important to provide the body daily with all the essential amino acids, vitamins and minerals that is why the FFDetox program uses fermented superfoods including spirulina so that nutrients are easily absorbed and all essential amino acids are provided, the spirulina and the other super foods also give the body important minerals such as potassium, calcium and magnesium. These superfoods provide maximum nutrients for minimal calories.

I do not want to lose muscle mass while completing a detox, but are aware this happens with lack of protein.

The FFDetox is different in that it continues to supply the body daily with protein in the form of fermented super foods including spirulina, known for providing all essential amino acids and helping to maintain muscle mass and energy production during the Detox. A daily protein shake can also be included.

Some nutritionalists say detoxes are unnecessary and that lack of calcium rich foods during the program can increase the risk of osteoporosis.

The fermented super foods in the FFDetox program provide important nutrients such as protein, and minerals including calcium and magnesium. Many people report that after doing the FFDetox program due to the provision of probiotics and live enzymes from the fermentation process their digestion symptoms such as reflux are often greatly improved.

Is this are starvation diet? I read that when the body goes into starvation mode it stores fat for emergencies.

This theory has been discredited by modern research. Many cultures still fast annually. What actually is now thought to occur when we eat <20% of our caloric requirements in a 24 hour time frame is that our bodies go into a more highly efficient mode of energy production and utilise older less effective cells for nutrients essentially cleaning up the body. Also what is thought to occur is that we switch on the production of antioxidants within our cells that continue the clean up process and reduce inflammation. Our insulin function also improves as part of the more efficient way of creating energy. The FFDetox program continues to provide daily high density nutrients. Through the use of superfoods it provides maximal nutrients for minimal calories and the time frame is restricted to 10 days or 1-2 days a week so it is not a starvation program. There is also the ability to include a protein shake or meal daily if you wish.

I really want to lose weight but are scared that fasting will set up bad eating patterns of binging and fasting, will this end up being a yo-yoing diet?

Food can be affected by emotions but most people report that after they perform the FFDetox program they feel more connected to how food really affects them. Many people find they lose their taste for sugar as their blood sugars can become more stable after the FFDetox. They also wish to continue eating highly nutrient dense foods and maintain their new sense of well being. Binging and starvation does not equate to feeling good.

I am worried about feeling hungry. How will I manage to slowly increase my food intake when I am starving after ten days without food?

Some people do feel hungry intermittently for the first 2-3 days but it often doesn’t last long and can be satisfied by drinking water and herbal teas. As the FFDetox program provides daily intake of probiotics, live enzymes from the fermentation program and daily protein and other nutrients most people feel that their digestion is even better after completing the FFDetox and find no problems in recommencing eating solid food.

Why is it necessary to stop eating food? If I ate healthy foods would I still detox?

This program was designed to create the quickest results possible. It is possible to detox with eating healthy food but the results occur much more slowly. The ideal results are gained when you rest the gut as much as possible, eat only raw and alkaline forming foods and reduce your daily calories to <20% of your daily needs. This is able to occur when the food you are eating are raw superfoods for maximum nutrients per calorie that have already gone through a fermentation process that helps to predigest the food and reduce the work our intestines have to do to break down and absorb the nutrients.

Many articles state there is no scientific basis for detoxing programs, is there peer reviewed studies that I can access on this site?

There are many studies looking into the results of intermittent fasting (caloric intake <20% usual daily intake) and their potential health benefits. We have provided links below for those which are available free online.