The Book

An essential companion to the worlds first 10 day fermented foods detox program! The FFDetox book written by Dr Elen ApThomas provides all the information needed to support you through the challenge to rest, reset and energise your body.

Included in this wonderful book…

CFF detox bookhapter 1 – Why would a (conventional) doctor create a detox program?
Chapter 2 – Important cautionary medical advice for the FFDetox program
Chapter 3 – What causes degenerative disease & help the body become more efficient?
Chapter 4 – What makes this detoxification program different to other detox programs?
Chapter 5 – Why I have used fermented foods?
Chapter 6 – What makes these specific fermented foods so effective for healing?
Chapter 7 – What am I eating and drinking on the detox program?
Chapter 8 – Things that you should and shouldn’t do during the program
Chapter 9 – What will I experience during the detox program
Chapter 10 – What if I can’t cope with the detox program?
Chapter 11 – Troubleshooting
Chapter 12 – Doing the detox program less strictly (for less or intermittent days)
Chapter 13 – Maintenance for Life
Chapter 14 – Recipes
CAUTION If you have a medical condition, are pregnant, breast feeding, elderly, frail, have a heart condition are underweight or diabetic the FFDetox program described in this book should not be followed without first consulting your doctor or other medical health practitioner. The guidelines written in this book especially the cautionary chapters should be read thoroughly and if you have any health concerns you should not commence this program or if already participating in the program then cease it immediately and seek medical advice. The author and publisher cannot accept liability for injury resulting from a lack of compliance with this advice. More