Daily Diary – Ryan

Day 1: I started the FFDetox programme today as I have been on some medications after spending 7days in a trauma unit (hospital). I decided this would be a good detox mainly because of the quality of the ingredients that are in the product as I am always conscious of what I put in my body as I am a professional athlete. day 1 was actually not to bad and didn’t feel to hungry at all, although i haven’t had to exercise atm.

Day 2: Woke up this morning and went to go get some cereal but instead realised it was time for the Gut restore and the High potency fermented superfood and surprisingly I was full after it which lasted me to mid day then a scoop of Clean Energy Bio fermented brown rice protein which lasted until dinner which i then had a scoop of HPF superfood and gut restore, today actually was craving food but lasted the day with a fair bit of energy still.

Day 3: Had a very solid sleep and woke up clear and fresh! Another groundhog day although I was craving food more than ever but got through the day, I did have a bit less energy and stuck it out for the day.

Day 4: Woke up energised after a deep sleep again, this time I wasn’t craving food and was feeling great and light! I even went for a a light ride but had a extra scoop of Clean Energy Bio fermented Brown rice protein and was feeling great.

Day 5: Was very aware of having a clearer mind and more energy! I also even went for 80km’s on the road bike and wasn’t craving food, had a scoop of clean energy protein before the ride and then after, then for the afternoon had some steamed vegetables.

Conclusion: Come out of the detox feeling great, thinking clearer, great sleeping, more energy, I feel the FFDetox programme has been beneficial for my health, wellbeing and recovery! I will be backing it up with a 2day maintenance programme fortnightly to keep in sync with these benefits I have achieved out of it! Give it a go! 10/10

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