Daily Diary and Test Results – William

I have completed the FFDetox previously and feel it is time to embark on the journey yet again. This time I want to record the impact it has on my body. In order to measure the effects and record progress I will undertake Live Blood analysis and a VLA (Vitality, Longevity and Ageing) analysis tests on days one, four and ten.

Although this is not my first detox I am still a little nervous taking on the challenge, but I am determined to rid myself of this bloating stomach, it really annoys me and I would like it gone. My second hope is that the process will reduce if not rid me of my snoring. I sleep through the noise each night but it is a big problem for my family (I am told it sounds much like a chainsaw, or bogged 4wheel drive trying to drive free). My understanding is that snoring can be caused in a great part by inflammation in the body. FFDetox is known to reduce inflammation in the body and should therefore impact, to some degree at least, my snoring. I also want to gain the sense of clarity of thought I loved from my first FFDetox – a clear head…that sense of lightness of mind and body.

* To read more about the tests William had click on the below links;

Live Blood Analysis

VLA Analysis

Day One

I started the day with a cup of coffee at breakfast along with my spoonful of Wise Nutrients and 100ml of Gut Restore. I love my morning coffee and at this point I am planning to continue with this one pleasure throughout the detox, but we’ll see how things progress.

First task for the day is drop kids at school, then straight into work to attack the day with rare cunning and vigor.

The first part of the morning has passed and I am feeling strong and keen to detox.
I often go without lunch so that part is not so hard, but I am sure I will feel some discomfort of a night.

Mid morning I had a Live Blood and VLA analysis conducted, by Cassi Cowlam at The Medical Sanctuary.
Both analyses looked pretty good apparently.
Biological age is 2 years under my actual age.
Carrying too much fat – need to lose 2-3kgs.
Muscle mass is good.
Some signs of oxidative stress.
The VLA was suggestive that I was deficient in Vit B12 and also Iron. The same analyses also revealed moderate levels of inflammation.

I have felt hunger pains and a drop in energy from 3 until 5 then the energy kicked in again – have always had a second wind at around 5pm in the afternoon

The thought of going home to no dinner is not so bad. I have less to do, don’t have to prepare dinner, don’t have to cook dinner, don’t have to clean up afterwards and it’s all for a good cause – my better health!
Looking for an easy night at home and then down the barrel at day 2.

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