Testimonial – Sanelia

SaneliaMy experience during and after the FFDetox program

Duration: 8 days

I was initially interested in the FFDetox program to promote in my business. I own a weight reduction clinic, and gut restoration and detoxing are vital steps in successful, sustainable weight reduction and maintenance.

I decided to do the FFDetox program myself, as although I have heard amazingly positive experiences from other people, I believe in using all products and doing all programs and treatments personally before implementing in my business or promoting it to my clients.

I have done many different detoxing programs previously with no immediate or lasting benefits, and to be frank, was a little afraid to go on them. Every time I did a detox, I felt like I was hit by a train and could not go to work. I have suffered from chronic headaches since childhood and every detox I did, made my headaches unbearable. I felt nauseas, really tired, really emotional and some of my organs (e.g. my kidneys) just could not handle it. I WAS A MESS!!

I understood that the FFDetox program was completely different. This detox program was not going to starve my body. You may not be eating the “normal food” you usually do, but  the fermented supplements included with the FFDetox insurers your body is getting a lot more absorbable nutrients (vitamins, minerals, amino acids) than when you just eat your “normal food”.

My body was not starving and could function effectively. My liver and kidneys could handle the detoxing process.

I had headaches the first two days – which I normally had every day of my life – and I felt a little nauseas and light headed. Dr Elen helped me out by recommending San Pellegrino spring water, which helped tremendously.

By day 3, I felt a lot better and was ready for a normal Monday at work. After that it was only the normal mind games of not eating with the family that remained a challenge for me, but if you know why you are doing it, you will pull through any challenge.

On day 5 of my FFDetox my headaches disappeared – that was the first day in 10 years that I didn’t need to take pain killers! That was all the proof I needed.

I remain on the FFDetox products and feel so much better when I maintain a detox day or 2 every week.

I now recommend the FFDetox program to all my clients. Not just to reduce their weight, but to improve their health and quality of life.

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