Testimonial – Phillip

PhillipFFDetox has changed my life, both in life’s perception and also in my daily life.

I suffer from fluid retention. The ten day FFDETOX program not only  resolved  this problem, but also showed me the way to an ongoing life changing  maintenance program. I now do this 2 days every week and feel better for it.

As I am a very active person I found that I did not suffer any loss of energy at all.
The in between energy drink (Clean Energy Fermented Rice Protein) is not only enjoyable, but is also a good energy booster as well.

I found the clarity with which you wake up in the mornings, along with the feeling of well being, to be inspirational, and to be yourself, along with the cleansing of the body and mind is something to be experienced.

This has changed my life, both in physical, but mostly mental attitude to life expectations.

I will stand by this product because this one actually does what it says it will do.



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