Inspiring Story – Jeff

JeffnMegs BFHE2013My Name is Jeff Croucher

I am a transplant recipient and have to take a suite of drugs to stay alive . Many of these drugs have side effects like increased weight and diabetes as well as high blood pressure .Dr Elen suggested I try the FF Detox to restore my health to its optimum.

Dr Elen said it would reduce my toxicity from the drugs ,reduce the inflammation in my body and I may experience some other benefits as well .

Dr Elen I love you as you have resurrected my life.

I was 109.7kg in April 2013 and I am now 91kg
I was a diabetic insulin dependent ,I am off this medication completely.
I was on 450mg of blood pressure medication per day I am down to 75mg and may even come down more soon.
I have more energy and I am back playing basketball again after a 15 year layoff at the tender age of 57 .

You have saved my life Dr Elen thank you

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