Daily Diary – Vicki



Good Morning! Today is DAY ONE of my fermented Food detox and I have chosen to do the quick version without food, however, days ahead will determine whether or not I succeed!

 Very relieved to have found my lemon drink and super food to be very palatable….if it is the only thing I am having except water, would hate for that little experience everyday to be horrible…

I am concerned, however, about the lemon drink. Yes, it said open slowly on the lid, which I did do; but even opening it slowly did not stop the volcano! It certainly is fermented! 

I plan on having loads of fresh lemon and lime juice in mineral water as well as green tea today and at this early stage feel very very positive and looking forward to my journey! 

Weight loss is not my primary reason for participating, however, I did weigh myself this morning and will share that throughout the next 10 days. 

Have a wonderful Friday everyone! x

DAY 2: I had a full day yesterday and didnt really feel any different except I was HUNGRY! Worked, shopped and watched a movie …bed at 8:30…..pretty normal! Rather relieved actually. …never once worried about what to cook for dinner! Definitely feeling light and empty!! Looking forward to very relaxing weekend….without social events involving food!

Day 3: Decided to post the day’s events at the end of the day rather than every morning….This has been the most unpleasant day of my journey so far….must be good things happening to my body, I’d say.
Lots of nausea and thoughts of food. I managed to attend a family birthday afternoon tea which I probably shouldn’t have done but I got through it without any mishaps! 
Energy levels have definitely dropped somewhat and mentally weaker trying to think of each day rather than thinking about 7 more days of this! 
Lost 2 kilo but again I’m not really concerned about that part of the program….I feel very empty and light.
 All I’ve done today is have green/ginger tea which has helped with the mild nausea. Three down – seven to go!….but who’s counting?

Day 4: Woke up feeling really lousy……loads of nausea and wasn’t at all excited about drinking the lemon drink or super food….but I did! I was actually thinking I’m going to have to add some food to this program but I remembered what Dr Elen wrote in the book ……try and wait 24 hours and then see how you feel. 

By this afternoon I was feeling better and have had very little nausea. 

This is not easy….perhaps if you were at a health farm and did nothing but meditate and had massages it would be, but I am leading my normal life WITHOUT food….and I’m a FOODIE!

 Thank you FFDETOX for including the wonderful inspirational quote by C. Clement Stone……I refer to it quite frequently. 

I constantly remind myself why I am doing this then I look in the mirror and see beautiful clear eyes and think YOU CAN DO IT

Day 5: I must be well and truly in the detox…..nausea, horrible mouth, body aches…ugh. I’m having trouble taking the lemon drink and super food….finding it really unpleasant. Funny, in the beginning it didn’t bother me at all. This is really hard but I think “what is 10 days in the big picture….nothing!” My energy level is really good and I have lost 4 kilos. 

I do think about FOOD lots and have made shopping lists so I can cook up the recipes in Dr Elen’s book – they sound so good.

Eating won’t come soon enough!

Day 6: Only thought about FOOD probably 50% of the day…..and still suffering on and off bouts of nausea. The horrible taste in my mouth and the nausea make it really difficult to take my “meals”.
 Not finding them palatable at all…..wishing I had a wurst and senf and crusty bread with my sour lemon drink! HA! 

Drinking lots of peppermint tea, as suggested, which does help with the horrible mouth and sick feeling…..

Amazed with the response from most people when they hear what you are doing. They simply look at you like you are nuts then can’t believe you haven’t eaten anything in so long and are so alert, clear and energetic!

DAY 7: Opps….fell asleep and didn’t get my posting done. The day was relatively good……on and off nausea and the horrible mouth! That has been the worse part of this for me. 

No problem with hunger at all and my energy, sort of a few aches I am really amazed how good I feel for what I have “eaten” these past 7 days. 

5 kilos down but again that’s not really a concern for me….not the reason why I’m participating…..I am sure majority of it is fluid. 
I am soooo keen to continue with the CLEAN eating when I finish this as all I am craving is sweet raw cabbage and salads! 

Woke up today and am scared to say in case it changes in a minute, but NO NAUSEA!!!!!! WOW

DAY 8: Would you believe I actually considered ending this detox at day 8? There were no actual symptoms that were so debilitating to warrant it, I simply thought I couldn’t do it any longer. On my way home from work I popped into The Medical Sanctuary and aren’t I glad I did!

 Between the wonderful Megan and Sandra, I left there thinking, there is NO WAY I won’t complete this! Still dreaming madly about food….loads of raw salads, yummy tomatoes etc etc how funny!
 Really don’t recommend going shopping during your detox, you know the old saying about shopping when you’re hungry? It’s 10 times worse! 

Bad mouth has nearly gone, replaced by aching legs……love this detox! OMG! Day 9 tomorrow!

DAY 9: It’s been a good day. Was flat out in the clinic this morning but mostly taking it easy the rest of the day. Drinking lots more water so hopefully it will aid in the detox. 

It is very exciting knowing I only have one more day! It really has been a very hard thing to do and because of this I am really going to try and not undo all of the good that I have done for my body thus far! All I crave is yummy fresh whole foods like salads, fish, fruit. My palate isn’t even craving anything sweet. Interesting!

DAY 10!!! Yeehaw. …Spent my last day walking all around shopping….watched my beautiful eat a chicken burger for lunch, and dreamed about eating again! Just goes to show how important food is to me. You know those people who don’t give two hoots about food….I’m not one of them!!!!! Lol.
This has been FABULOUS! I am determined to keep to as much clean eating as I can. 

Lost 6 kilo but wont be shocked if 1 or 2 come back once I start eating again. I should continue to loose gradually though with my eating program. 

HUGE THANKYOU to my wonderful partner who took care of herself totally and never made it hard for me. I never had to prepare meals at all, but hunger is not something you will suffer with….you arent hungry at all. 

ASH! LOVED your daily messages of support and reminders of what day we were on…..except for the one where you added a day…..nearly died! 

….also dont forget the great support you will find at the Medical Sanctuary!

 I’ll be doing this annually for sure!

8 months on UPDATE – After nearly 8 months, I am still enjoying the benefits of participating in the 10 day FF Detox. I chose the ‘no food’ version, and although it was challenging, I can certainly see myself backing up for another! Thank you Dr ELen for developing this great product. Anyone who is proactive about their health and aware of inflammation and it’s relation to maintaining health will have your detox on their list.

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