Daily Diary – Steve




Day 1: A lot easier than I thought as my mood usually changes when I get hungry. The first day has been a good indicator for me to carry on. All the supplements taste fine.

Day 2: Found it a bit harder today with the food cravings. Not that I felt starved, just realised how much of my day is spent thinking about food, ha. Little more lethargic than yesterday but all in all feeling good. Just got to keep reminding myself I‘ve got all the nutrients I need for the day in the supplements.

DAY 3: woke feeling a little drained and fuzzy in the head but from 10am on wards started feeling better. Drunk heaps of water and got an extra lift once I had the protein shake.

Day 4: Best day yet as I snuck a surf in and felt fine after. Only had a few food cravings late in the afternoon. Still drinking plenty of water and no ill feeling symptoms as of yet.

Day 5: Still feeling fine, brain feels a lot more focused today. Food cravings are deminishing, thankfully. Still having protein shake middle of day..

Day 6: Bit slow to start this morning but after a couple of hours I felt fine, then soon after felt pretty sluggish for the rest of day, then a mild head ache kicked in about 2pm which is only subsiding now.

Day 7: So I cracked, woke up feeling too sluggish and need to get some personal things done so I’m still doing the detox but also aided by the soups twice daily listed in the booklet. They taste pretty good too.

Day 8: Felt great this morning went for big walk first thing with a nice detoxing juice, loving the soup still, yum.

Day 9 & 10: Sorry for the delay.. The last 2 days were much the same.. Coming from no food on the first 6 days to just having that one meal had a big effect on my energy for the day. I am not a person that copes well without food, I literally can not think and pretty well cease to function, so I did not start the FFDetox with high expectations. But WOW was I surprised! The gut restore and super greens taste good and actually satisfy hunger. If I found my energy levels dropping adding a clean energy protein drink did the trick. This is definitely something I will do every year! Next detox will be shooting for the whole 10 days for that extra benefit.

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