Daily Diary – Sam

Today is my first day of the FFDetox while a little scared of starving to death, I am very excited to see the results both physically and mentally. I will be honest the high potency fermented super food doesn’t taste so good, it taste a bit like I crushed my vitamins up to drink, which leads me to believe it must be good for me the gut restore taste a little like sour ginger beer, much more pleasant on the taste buds. I’ll let you know how my day goes.

Well I made it through day 1! All was going well til about 3 pm then I felt myself going down hill, started to feel really tired and hungry! But when I got home from work and had my liquid dinner the hunger was gone, the tiredness remaind I was asleep by 8:30, which is very early for me! I didn’t have a great sleep quite restless, but that is nothing unusual for me normally. So let’s begin day 2 🙂

Day 3 I am still really tired but sleep is something I struggle with always anyway! Haven’t had the extreme hunger pains today which is great, getting used to it I’d say.

Day 4 flew by cause I was at work which is great distraction from hunger! Didn’t get hungry till around 4:30 which is good. I’m feeling great, my hair is softer, my skin is clearer and weight is going down, awesome!!

Hump day, day 5 will be half way there after today feeling great and even the high potency fermented super food didn’t taste so bad today! Looking like a great day all round today, bring it on!! 🙂

Day 6 yeah baby made it past half way!!! I had an emotional breakdown yesterday which I felt extremely silly for especially seeings it was over something so small!! Feeling bloody awesome though, I actually slept better last night, wow!

Morning :-)) 4 days to go! I will admit I can’t wait for it to end, really looking forward to chewing some food with amazing flavours! But this detox while hard is producing great results so it’s all worth it 🙂

Sorry bit late today. Only two days left! Doing really great but have to say I am dying to chew some food! This is truly one of the toughest challenges I’ve put myself through but all worth it 🙂

One day to go!!! This has been the longest ten days ever but so worth it! Tomorrow will be hard cause I have to cook for the week ahead. I’ve decided I will keep up with FFDetox with the five days food and two fasting I want to maintain my hard work.

Well it’s all over!! Just had breakfast yummy! It was a long haul but we’ll worth it I feel great and will definitely keep up with the maintenance plan.

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