Daily Diary – Nell



Day 1: Well I was a little nervous starting off day one. It seems different people have different experiences while on detox but happy to report everything went great. Was not hungry at all, perhaps a little lethargic and slightly light headed. Apart from that the big challenge seems to be remembering not to eat. It is funny to be aware of how much we think about food, planning meals and all that jazz. So here goes day 2!!

Day 2: Well today was much the same as day 1 only add a little more lethargy, headiness almost close to feeling tipsy and a slight head ache. Finding the supplements really palatable at the moment. I have had ones similar to them in the past so the taste is familiar and I think my body knows they are all for the greater good.

Hardest challenge is still making delicious meals for our toddler and watching him happily chomp away mmmmmm. Thought I would mention that prior to starting I spent a couple of weeks eating more conscientiously cut out sugar and caffeine, stopped red meat and only had fish a couple of times. Hoping this will help the journey.

Day 3: Waking up was not at all fun. I felt like I was going to faint or throw up or something not good. I took the Gut Restore and Super Greens and then crawled back to bed for an hour. Then PRESTO I was fine. Infact by the afternoon I felt better then I had the previous two days. Clearer mind, more energy and food obsession has died down. 

Lets hope day four is just as good.

Day 4: Had a great day today. No faint feeling my head is a lot clearly and energy levels were up, although still feeling slightly lethargic, even managed 1.5 hours of dance. I thought about food less and didn’t catch myself accidentally thinking “what is for lunch?”. My skin certainly feels clearer and teeth are free from fuzziness. So here we go bring on day 5!

Day 5: Today was a hard one. I woke up feeling good but energy started to lag as the day progressed. I actually felt hungry a lot. I am not sure whether this is consequence of a BIG day 4 or just my body going WHOA what is happening. In any case I went to bed obsessing about what food I would cook when it was time to eat again. Looking forwarded to a peaceful day tomorrow.

Day 6: Sorry a bit late with this one. Day six was much better then day five. Energy levels didn’t start dropping till the end of the day, getting to sleep was a challenge but my skin is feeling amazing and my head is nice and clear. 

Over halfway now and that is motivation in it’s self

Day 7: Woke up feeling pretty cranky and tired, detoxing and toddler broken sleep don’t always mix well. Day turned out pretty good though. Added one of the detox soups at lunch (DELICIOUS), I know this will slow down the detox but it certainly picked up my spirits. I am not sure whether it was physical or mental effects but I ended up falling asleep a lot easier. Nearly there.

Day 8: Had another really good day. Adding one meal has evened out my energy levels and dulled the thoughts of food. Skin is really clear, feeling light and calm. 

Also very much appreciating how well the body copes with minimum calories and gaining a different perspective on exactly how much we tend to over eat. 

Looking forward to the weekend and day 10!

Day 9: Had another great day today. Feeling clear and calm, looking forward to introducing good healthy foods back to diet and continuing with the maintenance plan. Had a green salad at lunch instead of the soup, my stomach did a few somersaults but was feeling fine in a few hours. I think it was shocked it had to wake up from slumber and put more energy into digesting. Happily had gut restore and greens for dinner!!

Day 10: YAY made it!! Really happy I completed the detox and surprised at exactly what the big challenges were. It is exciting to have such a good tool for health. My perception on food and how I consume it has changed. I am now craving the gut restore and super greens which I believe says a lot for their benefits, the body knows best. My aim was not to lose weight but I lost 4kg. I am also keen to continue with the maintenance plan, fasting one day a week. 

Will give you all an update in another week to see how getting back to food pans out.

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