Daily Diary – Claudette

ClaudetteI am a 36yr old mother with 4 & 5 yr old boys. Since giving birth I had experienced itchy feet “Candida”. My condition got so bad upon going to bed, just the sheet touching my feet was enough to start me itching and affect my sleep. I could not wear closed shoes or even socks.

I began over the counter remedies which would only temporarily reduce my symptoms for short periods of time adding to my frustration. I then sought the advice from my local GP and began jumping through the hoops of taking medications and topical creams all failing to eradicate my problem. I was at breaking point !

I began self research, good ole “Dr Google” that lead me to tea tree oil which soothed the itch but could not treat my underlying cause of candida.
Further research prompted me to seeing a Natropath and after 3 months of eliminating certain foods with some relief, I became aware that what I put in my gut had a major impact on my symptoms. As soon as I attempted to re-introduce a food after long periods without it, I was back to square one. I had convinced myself I would be juggling this for the rest of my life.

I believe fate stepped in and I was privileged to meet Dr Elen, I vented my frustrations about my candida issue. Dr Elen recommended that I try the FFDetox and at that point I was willing to try anything ! I was excited and began the program a few days later.

Day 1: My first day was not so bad, I was just a little lost with what to do with my time now that I was not eating.  Being quite a busy & high energy person.

Day 2: I was starting to feel a little hungry today and a little nauseous.  So I just took things a little slower.

Day 3 & 4 : These days were without a doubt my worst days.  Quite bad nausea and constant dull achey back.  During the night there were moments when I was vomiting.  This worried me a little however I was reassured by Dr Elen that I had very high toxicity levels and it was just my liver cleansing.  Knowing that all of these side affects were doing me good I kept on going with the detox.  Keeping in mind I was not taking any Protein during my detox.  This was in the hope that it would quickly kill off all the bad bacteria that was lingering in my system.

Day 5: Today was much better, however I was very hungry.  My nausea calmed right down which made things much more bearable.  It was more of a mind over matter day.  I tried to stay positive and kept telling myself not to give up.  I knew it was going to be worth while in the end…plus I was HALF WAY now!! There was no going back for me now.  And for the first time ever I found my feet had calmed down, my itch was down to a minimum…I was completely blown away.

Day 6 & 7: These days were completely different to all the other days.  I experienced a sense of complete calmness, sort of like I was floating and nothing else mattered.  Something I don’t think I have felt in a long time.  I didn’t want to come out of this feeling it was so peaceful.

Day 8 & 9: All the hunger pains were well and truly gone, I had my moments but we’re short lived.  My mind was so much clearer and I actually was thinking a lot about how important good food is for me. I couldn’t believe how my mood had changed so drastically for the better without eating. At this point my willpower was so strong and gathering momentum, I could go so far to say that “I didn’t want to put another bad thing in my mouth”.

Day 10: Sense of achievement I think I was just so proud of myself that I couldn’t wait for this day to finish and to say I DID IT!!! I got through one of the most challenging things in my life and I feel great!  I accomplished what I wanted and I kicked my candida something I thought I would of had for the rest of my life!

It has been nearly 12 months since I have done the detox and I am finding that my body is processing foods so well and my energy levels are amazing!

I just wanted to say a massive thank you to Dr Elen for finally giving me the relief I needed and allowing me to move on with life without an underlying frustration in the background.

I am blessed to have stumbled across Dr Elen and I am now continuing to maintain my body by detoxing 1day a week with the Maintenance Kit.

Thanks so much
Claudette x

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