Daily Diary and Test Results – William Day 7


Slept really well – did not get up until 9am major sleep in.
No snoring.
Watery stool that stinks.
Still had morning coffee.

At lot of the day spent in the car driving. Felt good and relaxed all day albeit with some reduction in my patience during some instances, if you know what I mean.

I am thinking about food. I don’t so much feel hungry but more crave the sensation of consuming my favorite foods.
My interactions with other humans were pleasant.

It is harder not being at work as it does provide a strong distraction. I had a cup of coffee about 2pm. This was enjoyable. I had it mainly just to consume something, not because I really needed a coffee.

Body shape changed – tighter in the stomach region from under the ribs moving down towards the navel.

My energy level has plateau to a comfortable soft flow. I do not feel tired I actually just feel like I am cruising.

Here’s a funny thing I have noticed tonight, that I have been sitting in different seat at home then I normally would do. I often take dinner in the evening sitting on the couch in a particular seat. I have noticed tonight I am not doing so and am instead seating in a completely different seat.

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