Daily Diary and test results – William Day 4

Day 4 begins. I slept a little more roughly last night. I woke at around 4 to 4:30am and my wife tells me it was about then that I started to snore.

I felt really good this morning very light and clear. I had a cup of coffee (I have not let this go yet), the usual Wise Nutrients and Gut Restore and got on with the day. I did not have any cravings for food or even desire to eat this morning.

All the agitation in my body seems to have slowed down and dissipated some what.
Today I will do the VLA and Live Blood again to see if there is any progress/change in my body.

The frequency of urination has also slowed down. I am still urinating more then usual but not as much as yesterday.

The day is progressing well. I am powering through my work, I seem to be more efficient or at least more focused on the tasks at hand. I am beginning to feel that ‘clarity of thought’ more, which is quite uplifting!

2:30pm feeling some stomach tightness but as I have said before this is not uncomfortable.

My stomach has clearly shrunk and I do not have any bloating which I am very glad of.
I have been really conscience of staying hydrated, I have been dirnking lots of water and had two cups of Tulsi tea today, I would have had more tea but have simply not had the time.

The afternoon decrease in energy was not as bad today, my body seems to have found a happy medium and is settling into it.

I am looking forward to day 5 as I remember that last time I did the FFDetox I felt really good on day 5 and it got better and better from there on.

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