Bridget Daley from Gold FM

Bridget met Dr Elen at the Women’s Health Expo Gold Coast and was spurred to complete the FFDetox after hearing about all the fantastic benefits.

We feel really blessed to have Bridget taking on the FFDetox challenge!

Bridge has now finished her first FFDetox with some pretty amazing results. Listen to her daily updates for radio listeners about the up’s, down’s and round abouts. Very interesting and entertaining listening!

Day One

Day Two

Day Three

 Day Five (the detox bath)

There is a break in air time from days 6 to 9 due to the weekend and some very heavy detoxing which caused Bridge to take some time off work. The last two instalments are pretty fantastic though.

Day Ten


BridgetFive Months on!!!

My life changed forever and for the better, the day I embraced Dr Elen’s FF Detox!

As a serial dieter, with a high pressure media career, my life and body was a chaotic and toxic stressful and emotional mess.

The whole cathartic detox process changed me on such a deep emotional and cellular level. I had no idea I was about to transform into the best version of myself possible in every facet of my life.

In ten days I lost 6 kilograms of pure fat and rapidly went from a size 14 to an 8 and five months on and 12 Kilograms lighter, the weight has never returned.

The biggest buzz is how many comments I still receive. People are saying I look ten years younger, I’m glowing from the inside which is such a radiant feeling! Those I haven’t seen in a few months are gobsmacked while others do not recognise me!

Since embracing Dr Elen’s FF detox my digestive system is a well- oiled machine, and I feel so connected to my body with a new found respect. My emotions are balanced and I have a certain vitality that is new to me.

Soon after the detox, I met the man of my dreams and purchased my first house and have reached a new level and passion and success in my career.

I have converted many to Dr Elen’s FF Detox. And continue to embrace the many life- long health benefits of such an extraordinary product.

Dr Elen’s FF Detox is more than a detox…it’s the key to total metamorphosis!


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