Dr Elen ApThomas

photoDr Elen ApThomas is the creator of the Fermented Food Detox program and a leading Integrative General Practitioner with over twenty years of clinical experience.

Dr Elen ApThomas is the founding doctor of The Medical Sanctuary, a multi-disciplined integrative medical practice, that was created from a vision she had nearly a decade ago to provide a sanctuary for the health and wellbeing of families throughout Queensland and beyond. Dr ApThomas’ patient base now extends both nationally and internationally. In her clinical practice she combines conventional medicine with a complementary nutritional medical approach in an aim to treat the underlying causes of disease.

Dr Elen is a graduate of the University of Adelaide and holds Bachelors in both Medicine and Surgery, along with a Diploma of Obstetrics and Gynaecology. Her experience extends to public speaking on a wide range of medical topics, she has also appeared on radio presentations and peer reviewed complementary medical text books. Dr Elen regularly conducts literature reviews for various multi-national medical companies and she understands how difficult it can be to find a happy balance between work commitments, family needs and trying to not lose your sense of humour or sanity in the middle of it all.

“I always want for my patients what I want for my family and myself, health made easily attainable and uncomplicated.”

– Dr Elen Apthomas

Dr Elen dedicates herself to a way of practicing medicine that recognises the benefits of a truly integrative approach. With this guiding principle she created FFDetox using traditional nutritional wisdom to provide a simple detox program that helps reduce inflammation and truly nourishes the body.